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Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Kingpin Action Figure - Exclusive

Coming in Monday.


Booth 14-A

Located in

South Mall Mercantile

3300 Lehigh st

Allentown Pa 18103

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  • The city isn't safe! Kingpin is back!

  • Wilson Fisk ruthlessly rules New York City’s underworld with cunning and a keen intellect.

  • Amazingly detailed exclusive action figure in a cartoon-inspired design with cane and alternate head.

  • Wilson Fisk is highly articulated and is scale to your 6-inch action figures.

Kingpin is back with a vengeance... and the city isn't safe! The criminal mastermind has returned to wreak havoc on New York with this exclusive Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Kingpin Action Figure. Lavishly detailed in a comic-inspired design, Fisk in his infamous suit is highly articulated and stands above your 6-inch tall figure collection. Not every Marvel Legends collector has the courage to add Kingpin to their collection - do you? If so, capture him now while you still can! (Daredevil and Spider-Man totally would.) Ages 4 and up.

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