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NECA Originals – Dynamic Action Figure Display Stand Available Online or In Our Store

Vrhobbies-Booth 14-A

Located In

South Mall Mercantile

3300 Lehigh st

Allentown Pa 18103

Find us at Our Toy Show as well

Break free from the shelf! No matter how much articulation a figure has, your posing possibilities have been limited by gravity… until now.

NECA’s Dynamic Action Figure Display Stand is an articulated, telescoping stand with two interchangeable bases for display on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Achieve a full range of dramatic, acrobatic, action-packed poses on flat surfaces, then swap the main base for the suction cup base and do the same on smooth surfaces like windows, walls, doors, mirrors, and more. A segment of the main arm is removable to allow you to control the center of gravity.

This game-changing display stand is compatible with most 5″-10″ action figures and has a very clean, clear finish.

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