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Hot Wheels Team Transport Wave 3 2020

Coming Soon

Vrhobbies Booth 14-A

South Mall Mercantile

3300 Lehigh st

Allentown Pa 18103

Find us at Booth 14-A Or Our Hot Wheels Show

Hot Wheels Team Transport Wave 3 2020


The premium assortments of 1:64 scale Transporter models are a must-have for adult collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Unique assortments that include Team Transports with a component car featuring realistic castings, hot decos, and an abundance of the wheels that aficionados appreciate. Some of the most popular castings ever produced. Each vehicle has been an enduring favorite of collectors and racing fans of all ages. Featuring realistic details and authentic decos painstakingly created to represent a wide variety of awesome vehicles. Choose your favorite and collect them all or pick and choose from different collections to create your very own! This Hot Wheels Team Transport Wave 1 2020 Vehicle Case (956J) includes 4 individually packaged vehicles and includes: 1x ‘50's American Transport (UPC: 887961 81748 5) 1x Sakura Sprinter (UPC: 887961 81735 5) 1x Wide Open (UPC: 887961 81744 7) 1x Fleet Flyer (UPC: 887961 81750 8)

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