Fast & Furious Hot Wheels Premium All Star Vehicle 2020 Wave 3

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Fast & Furious Hot Wheels Premium Vehicle 2020 Wave 3 Case


Fast & Furious is the action-packed global film franchise built on speed, pulse-pounding stunts, and supercharged cars. The Fast & Furious die-cast singles assortment includes new and unique premium collectible vehicles that let kids and fans recreate favorite scenes from the films. Each authentic die-cast model boasts exciting colors and eye-catching design. Details and graphics are stylish and true to the Fast & Furious franchise. Perfect for kids, collectors, car enthusiasts and Fast & Furious fans! This Fast & Furious Hot Wheels Premium Vehicle 2020 Wave 3 Case (956H) includes 10 indivdually packaged vehicles and includes: 2x ‘69 Camaro (UPC: 887961 81682 2) 2x Jaguar Xesvp Project 8 (UPC: 887961 81670 9) 2x Mazda Rx7 Fd (UPC: 887961 81672 3) 2x ‘17 Acura NSX (UPC: 887961 81686 0) 2x Toyota Corolla GTS (UPC: 887961 81676 1)

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