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Dr Oogan to Attend Allentown Slot Car Show

Coming to The Great Lehigh Valley Slot and Toy Car Show

November 9th 2019

Merchants Square Mall

1901 S 12th st

Allentown Pa 18103

Taking the guess work out of finding a matched pair of shoe springs is no longer an issue. Dr. Oogan Springs are precision wound from high quality bronze phosphor wire giving you the repeatable results you need. All springs are heat treated and stress relieved for resilience. Both ends are "closed & squared" allowing the spring to seat properly and perpendicular between the chassis and shoe. Though originally designed with racers in mind, Dr. Oogan Springs are the best choice for non competitive racing as well. When Aurora manufactured springs, they were produced the most economical way possible resulting in variations in the wind direction, the wire diameter, and dimensional tolerances all of which affect performance. All Dr. Oogan springs are made to the same free length, compression, and diameter specifications as the originals but maintain much higher tolerances using a far superior material. Try them and experience the difference!

Event info:

Dr oogan site.

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